IT Solutions


Professional staff members will work on solving your computer needs, and help you utilise your IT infrastructure to its full potential, helping you expand and giving you time to focus on your business.

A consultant will work with you to find the best possible solution for your needs, whether it be finding hardware or software for your business, or providing advice on networking solutions.

Member of Australian Computer Society: Our IT consultants are proud to be members of the Australian Computer Society.


Australia Computer Society

Hardware Sourcing: If you need advice on where to purchase your hardware, we have an association with a number of hardware providers and can arrange quotes for your business. Our consultants are available to provide advice on choosing the right hardware for your business needs.

Software Sourcing: Our expertise is in finding the right software for your business, and if we cannot find a specific software product to suit, we can discuss customising a software solution for your unique business needs. We source and provide comprehensive third-party support for many financial packages, operating systems and business software.


Flexi Business Solutions can network your existing computers, set up a server, or roll out an entire network infrastructure for your business. Server maintenance can also be performed on a regular basis, either on-site or remotely.

Network Your Computers: Even if you have just two computers in your business, networking them can save time and increase productivity in your business as it allows your staff to share, access and update documents and information across your network. If you have a customer database or other in-house database, networking can allow multiple staff members to access your database at the same time. Networking can also enable you to share printers or your Internet connection between computers on your network.

Server Solutions: A server takes your network to the next level by storing and managing your information securely in a central location, allowing it to be accessed by many computers on the network. This enables staff to store, backup and archive documents and information, ensuring your important company documentation is safe.

Cloud Computing

You may have heard  many people talking about cloud computing and  have even been told that you need it but like a lot of people (and business for that matter) do not know what Cloud computing actually is.

Cloud computing  is the use of computer resources (either physical hardware or software) which is delivered as a service over a network usually the Internet. The term “Cloud”  generally comes from the way these services are shown in diagrams  used to illustrate them as well as the way they are delivery over a network (Internet). You may see a lot of acronyms used to describe Cloud services but the main one is SaaS which stands for Software as a Service (an example of this is Google's gmail services).

Cloud solutions can be very good  and may enhance a service that you use.  Many traditional software companies are now starting to offer a Cloud base version of their software. Microsoft is a good example of this and are now offering many of their services as a Cloud solution.

The main benefit of Cloud computing is  for a  monthly fee you have a service or multiple services hosted for you and you do not have to worry about the daily maintenance of the Hardware and Software or backups. You may have to administer your Cloud environment and if you require help FBS is able to provide this service.

Cloud is not always a good fit for every business or situation. Internet speeds are a potential pitfall which means that Cloud based solutions may not be workable in some business. There are also other limitations. Flexi Business Solutions can help you work through these problems and see if a Cloud base solution is for you.

We can also help you implement your Cloud solution as well as manage it on a continuing basis. If you need help in finding a Cloud solution that may help your business or you want to see what other type of services are available we can help you do this as well.

Computer Support/Service

When you rely on your IT environment to get your work done you should not have to worry about it not working. Flexi Business Solutions understand these problems and we are here to help remove the worry  and allow you to concentrate on what you know best - your business. We believe in working closely with our clients and want them to feel that FBS is an extension of their business.

We believe that to achieve a IT environment that is robust and reliable it requires constant attention and to do this we can offer a SLA (Service Level Agreement) for your business. Many IT support companies will offer SLA’s but in most cases these companies will only have one or two options and these might not necessarily suit your business requirements. Flexi Business Solutions do not believe in one size fits all and we can arrange a customised SLA agreement that will suit your requirements. We will not lock you in to any long term contracts.

Flexi Business solutions can help you in many areas but here is a small example of the type of issues we deal with daily:

If you would like to find out more about these services please contact us and we will be happy to discus your computer support needs.